Tooth Whitening, or Bleaching, is becoming increasingly common.  This can be done in a variety of ways, from over-the-counter kits to in-office procedures.  This can vary in price as well as the level of result you get.  The least expensive being the kits or paste you can buy at any drugstore.  Or you can do a take-home process offered in the office.  This involves making a tray to fit your teeth, and sending you home with a gel that you place and wear for a prescribed time.  This will generally take longer to see results.  The best and quickest way to see results is an in-office procedure.  Dr. Ramsay uses the ZOOM Whitening system.  This is the same system used on Extreme Makeover.  It is by far faster and easier than take-home kits.  The process takes about an hour in the office.  A protective barrier is placed on your cheeks and gums, and a gel is applied, this is then activated by the ZOOM Light.  We also provide you with a take-home tray and touch-up whitener in case you ever feel you want to whiten a little more at home.