This is a process in which the tooth is prepared, any decay is removed, and a crown is placed to protect the tooth.  You amy need a crown for any of the following reasons:  1) to protect a weak tooth  2) to repair a broken tooth  3) to cover or support a tooth where there is or was a large filling and can’t be filled  4) Esthetics (appearance).

Many people today are having crowns placed for cosmetic reasons.  Dr. Ramsay can discuss with you the many options for changing and improving the appearance of your teeth.  Crowns on Front teeth are very commonly done to restore or improve a smile.


A bridge is a procedure commonly done to replace a missing tooth or teeth.  A bridge is a permanent, non-removable restoration placed on teeth.  The teeth adjacent to the space are prepared for crowns, and a bridge is made to fit.  A bridge will look and feel just like teeth.  Bridges are done when other options, such as implants or removable partials are not going to be an option.