Dentures, or False Teeth are a common way to replace missing teeth.  Dr. Ramsay offers Dentures in his office.  He uses a five-step process to properly make and fit the Denture.  By doing it in these steps, many aspects of how the denture will fit and look are taken into account.  Dr. Ramsay works closely with the Lab to make sure your dentures looks and feels exactly the way you want.


If you have an existing denture, and you only need a repair, we will do that too.  Dr. Ramsay will make sure it can be repaired to satisfaction, and repair as needed.


Some people will experience their denture not fitting right.  This can be caused by a lot of things.  Over time, your gums will change, but the denture will not. Dentures can break or crack. These might result in the denture feeling loose or floppy.  These issues can sometimes be fixed by a simple adjustment, repair,  or relining the denture.  In some cases, such as the denture being old or not repairable, Dr. Ramsay can discuss with you other options.


If you are missing only some of your teeth, sometimes a partial denture is an option.  This is a removable Partial with the needed teeth only.  Dr. Ramsay offers several options for Partials if this is something you wish to pursue.